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Elba presents a choice of over 100 varied characteristic beaches.

Here is a list of some of them nearest to our farmhouse.

Lido Bach: this is the nearest, only 1 km away. Sand, 400 mts long. Beach facilities, restaurants, bar, parking and other beach activities. spiaggia del lido di capoliveri
Felciaio Beach: 1.5 km away. Sand, 110 mts long. Situated next to Lido, this is very attractive with a natural archway and usually few people. Parking. spiaggia del felciaio
Naregno Beach: 1,5 kms away. Sand, 500 mts long. Beach facilities, restaurants, bar , parking and other beach activities. spiaggia di naregno
Calanova Beach: 8 kms away. Pebble, 200 mts long. To reach it follow  the road right to the end of an unmade road. Few people, excellent restaurant/bar. Parking. spiaggia di calanova
Liscoli Beach: 8 kms away. Sand, 80 kms long. Just after Calanova with a beautiful pine wood behind it. No facilities. spiaggia di liscoli
Zuccale Beach: 4 km. away Sand, 200 mts. long. No facilities but few people. Parking. Spiaggia di Zuccale
Barabarca Beach: 6 kms away. Mix of pebble and sand, 150 mts long. The same as Zuccale. spiaggia di barabarca